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2LB Density
  • Out Performs all Other Types of Insulation

    • ​We specialize in Demilec Heatlok® Soy 200 plus, 7.4 R value per inch.

  • Complete Air Seal

  • Incredible Energy Savings

    • ​Proven savings up to 50%, and can actually pay for itself in as little as 3 years.

  • Reinforces structural integrity of building

  • No vapor barrier needed

    • ​Closed Cell spray foam acts as a vapor barrier.

  • Mold Resistant

    • Moisture does not penetrate closed cell spray foam insulation, thus providing an effective barrier against mold growth.

  • Improved Air Quality in Home

  • Designed to last a life time

    • ​Optimum performance for years to come.

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